Enticing and directing the customer

We live today in a world that is characterized by an absolute sensory overload, everywhere there are flickering screens. The iPad, smartphones and social media belong, especially for the younger generation, to everyday life. The real tangible world of shopping responds to the changing customer behavior with dramatic means in style and formal productions. And what about banks, branches and savings banks? The problem here is that in contrast to the products of the consumer temples, the product world of the bank or savings bank is not tangible.

Therefore we recommend that you create a branch world for the future design of banks and savings banks, which will reach out to both the employees and customers. The future will be interactive and the experience of advertising messages multidimensional. To achieve attention using “conventional methods” would be almost impossible.

“Mediatecture” is the keyword for the future branch design. Under “Mediatecture” we understand the perfect interplay of media and architecture to arouse curiosity and to make advisory intensive products and services offered by banks and savings banks a profitable experience, for both sides.