Our image and ideas on film

Our video films provide insight into our architecture office and our approach to interior design. Furthermore you can learn about the effectiveness of our branch design and, as a firsthand account, what is important for us concerning the customer experience of up to date bank branches.

The future branch officeThumbs_Videos_Dramaturgie
About the workflow of Andreas Kranz and his team designing the branch office with a future.




Realizations abroadThumbs_Videos_Ausland
We have developed Master Designs not only for use in Germany, but particularly for a variety of banks that are located abroad.




“Mediatecture” is the keyword in which KRANZ Architects have found the perfect combination of new media and architecture. They have developed a new 3 Zone Concept, which has been implemented for the first time in a german savings bank.



Banking new defined – “experience banking”Thumbs_Videos_Erlebnis
Banks have to organizationally, conceptually and outwardly change to arouse curiosity in the future. KRANZ Architects have designed branches as acquisition areas which attract new customers in the guise of public – multi-media experience areas.



Our imagevideoThumbs_Videos_Image
“We live in a time where banks have to change constantly, in order to respond to changes of which we cannot forsee.”