Effectively in Space and Design

Portrait_KranzSince the office was founded in 1988 by Andreas Kranz, we implement with a team of architects and engineers numerous concepts for banks and Sparkassen, reputable companies in the retail, industrial and catering branches – both in Germany and worldwide.

Years of experience in the development of sales and exhibition space has taught us how the design principles of store designs are transferred to banks and savings banks. This is how we create attention generating, easily changeable and affordable room designs that make the consultation intensive products and services from banks an experience for the customer. Using light, colours, textures, architectural design and media to interact perfectly produces an atmosphere which attracts employees and customers alike.

The tried and tested shop and trade show design principles guarantee a space forming, flexible and also low cost implementation, without any sacrifice of quality. Innovative presentation solutions, positive image transfer and an improved self representation by banks or savings banks create a distinctive brand impression that awakens curiosity and motivates the customer to enter the branch and to play with the products and services offered.

With hand sketches, models, 3D visualizations and 3D animations we make our thoughts and visions visible and tangible for our clients.