Balanced in Style and Efficiency

Since the office was founded in 1988, we have successfully implemented over 500 bank and savings bank projects throughout Germany, including the master design for several banks and savings banks, as well as the design of many main branches.

Beyond that we operate around the world, in places such as in Italy, France, Spain, Kazakhstan, China, Indonesia and Morocco, where we develop important elements together with our customers.

In addition to these successes, in which we have achieved in the development of larger or spectacular projects, our core business is the creation of new, small and medium sized stores in the order of between 150 and 350 sqm.

Here we can make it really inexpensive to build, using the acquisition of design principles from the exhibition and shop building, two areas in which we can draw on a wealth of experience. We use many components that are portable and have module capability, also low in production costs.

Last but not least, all these thoughts and insights find their way into the design of the gastronomy, one area in which we can boast many well known companies and international customers.